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Supporting Families

Supporting families – Making the most of every day!
At the Ely and Caerau Children’s Centre we interpret the words “learning” and “teaching” very broadly and aspire to ensure that the experience of learning is enjoyable, positive, productive and suitably challenging. We believe that:
• There are different kinds of learning which require different teaching approaches.
• It is important to promote positive attitudes to learning.
• If people enjoy learning they will share this with others in the community and inspire them to participate more fully.
• The environment has a crucial impact on learning.
We are committed to identifying the starting point for each and every learner (child, adult and staff) and to respecting this in terms of our planning and practice. By adopting this approach, we undertake to consider stages not ages of learning. This approach requires teaching methods to be responsive and flexible.
We place a firm emphasis on experiential methods with learners given the opportunity to investigate and explore real objects and technology for hands on learning in a fun but challenging way.