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Clothing for Nursery and Day Care

The children do not wear a uniform to nursery but are able to choose the clothes they wish to wear each day. However, we encourage the children to try out lots of new experiences. These can sometimes be a bit messy! We ask the children to put on an apron, but sometimes paint, glue, soil, etc. gets onto their clothes. Please let your child wear clothes to nursery which are suitable for such activities and won’t upset them if they get dirty.
The children spend a lot of their day outdoors, even during the Winter months. It helps if they come suitably clothed for all weathers – coats, hats and gloves when it is cold and wearing a sun hat when it is hot. We have a wide range of Wellington boots in all sizes so that the children can still play outdoors even if it is wet or the ground muddy.
Please label jumpers, coats and hats with your child’s name so that we can find it when it is taken off.
Mislaid items are always placed in the lost property box so please have a look if your child has lost something.