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Baby Room

At the Ely and Caerau Integrated Children's Centre we know how hard it can be to leave your baby for the first time. We do everything we can to ensure a smooth and stress-free transition into daycare for both you and baby. Our baby room is cosy and homely with plenty of natural light and it's own safe and secure outdoor space. There is a ventilated sleeping areas where each baby has their own designated sleep space.
As much as possible we follow your baby's routine throughout the day and we provide lots of love and cuddles as well as beautiful high quality resources to support your baby to play and develop.   
Nature and Outdoors
Our baby room has their own beautiful outdoor space where the babies can develop their physical skills and enjoy sensory play such as play with water, sand and mud. Some of our babies love to explore outdoors in all weather including the rain however, we always guide their choices and ensure they are appropriately dressed. 
Much of our practice is influenced by Froebelian principles to this end babies and toddlers are given opportunities to engage with nature at the ECCC from a very yound age. 
'The child should experience nature ‘in all its aspects – form, energy, substance, sound and colour’. (Froebel in Lilley 1967:148)
At the Centre we view the outdoors as a space full of possibilities. A space for babies to grow and develop, to become curious and inquisitive and to build trust and develop and early understanding of risk. Our outdoor space is safe for our babies to crawl, sit, walk and climb (as they become competent). It is also a space where they can touch, feel, see and smell the wonders of nature . They can see and feel leaves of many varieties, pine cones, tree bark and even insects! Our observations of babies outdoors show us that they engage with nature in a multi sensory way when outdoors.