21st Dec
The deadline for submission of PRIMARY preference forms ** Monday 8th January** is fast approaching, please remember to submit your application form on time. Parents are strongly advised to state more than one preference on their forms (stating only one preference DOES NOT improve the chance of getting that school) Online applications are the preferred method of application. Hwbs will be open should people need help with their application (national holidays excl).    
22nd Feb
We serve tea and toast every Friday morning from 9.30am in the Community Cafe. Our cafe is open to the community and all our parents and it's a great place to meet and chat.  The sessions are very relaxed and friendly and are always FREE! The Tea and Toast sessions are run by Jackie Gudgeon. Please speak to Jackie if you have any questions about the sessions.
22nd Feb
If you enjoy knitting, crochet, embroidery, cross-stitch or other similar crafts - or if you just want to learn, come along for a cuppa and a chat, share tips and patterns, learn new skills and meet new people. The group meet every Monday 9.30am - 11.30am in the Community Café. For further information, please ring Reception on 029 20671420
30th Mar
Would you like to earn Time Credits to spend on leisure activities? If you give an hour of your time working at the Centre, we will say thank you by giving you an hour back to spend on something you like to do. Everyone's hour is worth the same and everyone gets thanked. There is no limit to how many credits you can earn, and the more you earn the more you can spend. Time credits never expire and they don't cost any money. If you would like further information please speak to Lynda Jenkins, Karen March or contact Reception on 029 20671420.
16th Feb
What is a Foundation Phase Alliance School? A Foundation Phase Alliance School is an integrated children’s centre, nursery, infant or primary school that has been identified and commissioned by the Central South Consortium to champion the development of effective practice across this important phase of learning throughout the Central South Wales region. Foundation Phase Alliance Schools have a strong track record of securing the highest possible standards for all groups of young learners and have demonstrated the capacity to continuously improve all aspects of leadership, learning and teaching within their own organisation. These schools also demonstrate the capacity to encourage, inspire, develop and support other schools and seek to empower and enable continuous improvement beyond their own settings. The Foundation Phase Alliance offers an exciting new step change in the way that continuous, sustainable professional development in the Foundation Phase is offered across the Central South Wales region. As a Foundation Phase Alliance School we offer a range of professional learning and development initiatives throughout the academic year where practitioners have the opportunity to combine observations of real time, everyday practice in our busy setting with high quality professional dialogue, collaborative inquiry, challenge and support. All Foundation Phase Alliance Schools are communities where collaborative inquiry is used to foster improvements in practice. We do not work in isolation and seek to lead by example through a model of joint practice development within the Foundation Phase Alliance and beyond it. Head teachers, senior leaders and other members of our teams also engage in direct, intensive and supportive partnerships with schools in difficult or challenging circumstances.

Foundation Phase Alliance 3 Puddle Fun

Foundation Phase Alliance 1

8th Mar
We are already at Phase 4 of the healthy schools scheme. Our current priorities for the centre are:
  • Substance use and misuse.
  • Hygiene.
  • Personal Development & Relationships.
Ask Jackie, Karen, Lynda or Mandy for more details!
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